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Prof. Giulio Preti studied at the dental school of the University of Zurich where, after earning his degree, he worked as a dental assistant.

Not having planned his return to Italy, Prof. Giulio Preti embarked on his professional career as a freelance in a colleague's office who had taken over the office of Prof. Boggio in via Monte di Pietà a few years earlier.
This was a prestigious office in that Prof. Boggio was one of the first Directors of the Torino Dental Clinic.
In 1968, Prof. Giulio Preti transferred his freelance activities to the ICS (Cooperative Health Clinic) in via Roma, where doctors in nearly all specializations cooperate. This experience proved highly valuable from all points of view, especially in terms of training.
In June of 1980, Prof. Preti left the ICS to accept an invitation to transfer to the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) for a few months.

Upon his return in the autumn of 1980, he opened an office in via Cavour 7.
During the 1990s, Prof. Giulio Preti’s teaching activities increased considerably and, in 1993, he was nominated Director of the odonto-stomatology clinic of Torino, reducing his freelance activities to a few hours dedicated exclusively to consultancy.


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